History of the kipperhof


The oldest sources about the origin of the KipperHof building are ancient maps of the early 18th century (e.g. 1723) being in the archives of Otterberg. Public documents from about 1736 are naming the owners af the flat in that ages first: Jacob (sometimes written: Kipfert) and Georg Andes. In one of the next generations Karl Kipper was even a mayor in 1814 and 1815. In 1838 father Johannes Kipper and son Daniel Kipper were both members of the municipal council. In 1853 the whole Kipper family emigrated to Northern Amerika. Several generations of the family Schermer owned the flat until 1987. The last owner, Mrs. Schermer, merried with Mr. Schwarz, is still living in Otterbach next to the KipperHof. In 1987 the Otterbach community bought the building. After 3 years of restoration and a public decision about the name a restaurant called “Kipperhof??? opened in 1991. In 2000 the building was sold to the family Spiegelmacher , which is living there and leading the restaurant.

The original building was a so called “long house???, a typical Palatinean architecture for farm houses of these ages: at the front side rooms for the inmates, at the rear side the cowshed. In the 19th century the building was expandet to a L-shape with a little destillery, a barn and 4 cellar vaults, likely for storing potatoes. Garden and fields were directly around the building. In the 19th and beginning 20th century in the front part of the building there was a tiny little guest room. Since 1987 the building got memorial protection. The kind of framework and the special vault design is typical for this region in the 17th and 18th century. Until 1991 the whole building was totaly restored including the reconstruction of the old barn now being the restaurent on three floors. Since 2000 the building was renovated and accomplished steadily.

Today the KipperHof is the oldest restored building in Otterbach. In the center of the farm there is a pleasant beergarden with trees and old farmhouse equipment. Inside the restaurant you can see interesting documents & objects from several centuries, telling a story from a time gone by. A collection of pioneer motorcycles is sure to impress.